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Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead

In working closely with the hospital staff & Estates departments, Digitech were able to define an acceptable process of working which took into account both the proposed refurbishment of certain wards, the need to decant patients out of wards which were not undergoing a refurbishment program and the working within main corridor areas in close proximity to the general public.

project details

location Gateshead duration 20 weeks value £150,000 size 580 bed hospital

the brief

To provide a communications infrastructure between acute units spread over 21 wards of the QE hospital site including PICU, GITU, CCU, MAU, HDU and Critical Care units all managed from a central area with the ability to view patient vital stats from any location.

the solution

The proposed solution consisted of a phased pattern of working over a 20-week period delivering radiating RG11 co-axial backbone links from a central main combiner location to outlying regions and wards. As such, co-axial services were required to route onto existing tray work systems throughout patient and visitor areas and therefore great care was required both in planning & executing from a Health and Safety standpoint together with liaison staff regarding infection control and deep clean programs.

Each ward area consisted of a strategically positioned local combiner which contained the required power supplies, splitters, amps and attenuators together with the necessary RG6 co-axial cabling radiating to each ceiling mounted antenna location. A total of 232 GE ceiling mounted telemetry antennas were mounted across 21 wards, making this the single largest GE telemetry installation in the country.

GE’s Apex Pro Wireless systems were deployed within the Main Communications Room, providing full patient monitoring and mobility and a fluent system of information and clinical IT intelligence.

Through the use of wireless technology, benefits are afforded to both the patient and the hospital; ECG monitoring of patients allows an early transfer of patients from the ‘expensive’ CCU and ICU areas to the less expensive step down telemetry departments and patient recovery times are dramatically increased. In addition, the interconnectivity that now exists between hospital systems allows better ‘flow’ of information, helping caregivers make better, faster decisions.

Digitech worked alongside the hospital EBME and Facilities departments to create a realistic work schedule that was both practical and achievable while maintaining patient safety and comfort when working in ‘sensitive environments’.

Digitech Integrated IT Solutions are GE HealthCare’s approved contractor throughout the UK

“We have used Digitech for a number of projects now and every one has been planned and executed faultlessly. Whether it is installing armoured fibre optic, Category 6A data cabling & Wi-Fi equipment or tracing and repairing broken cables the communication and quality of work is always top notch. I know that if I have an emergency situation Digitech will do their best to resolve it and you can’t ask for more than that.”

Richard J Shirt, Director of IT, BPB Ltd