Aintree Hospital Trust

Aintree Hospital Trust

Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust comprises two main hospitals serving the residents of North Liverpool, South Sefton and Kirkby.

The University Hospital is a large teaching hospital providing Accident & Emergency services and a wide range of acute and non-acute specialties. It benefits from the Aintree Cardiac Centre which is a centre of excellence and treats a broad range of heart conditions.

Working in conjuction with GE Healthcare, Digitech have installed a multimode and long haul single mode fibre optic system which inter-connects the hospitals CCU, HAC and recovery wards as well as providing interconnectivity to the main hospitals IT infrastructure.

GE’s Apex Pro Wireless systems were deployed throughout the CCU, ICU, Heart Assessment Centre, Cardiac Rehabilitation and bedded areas, providing full patient monitoring and mobility and a fluent system of information and clinical IT intelligence.

Through the use of wireless technology, benefits are afforded to both the patient and the hospital; ECG monitoring of patients allows an early transfer of patients from the ‘expensive’ CCU and ICU areas to the less expensive step down telemetry departments and patient recovery times are dramatically increased. In addition the interconnectivity that now exists between hospital systems allows better ‘flow’ of information,  helping caregivers make better, faster decisions.

Digitech worked alongside the hospital EBME and Facilities departments to create a realistic work schedule that was both practical and acheivable while maintaining patient safety and comfort when working in ‘sensitive environmnets’.

  • Location: Aintree
  • Sector: Health
  • Project Value: £106,000
  • Scope of Works: Patient Monitoring Wireless systems.