Digitech’s Audio solutions are designed to both compliment our interactive and visual products but also to enhance the presentation and learning process.

Digitechs Audio solutions consist of fixed and portable voice reinforcement systems from Soundfield, standalone systems from Smart and Promethean together with specialist systems integrating the latest music, paging and sound masking technology into acoustic panels from Armstrong’s i-ceilings® range.

Recent Educational studies have shown that within a typical school day, young pupils spend at least 45% of their school day engaged in listening activities.

Studies have also revealed that 14.9% of children aged 6-19 suffer from some degree of hearing impairment, either permanently or temporarily due to illness, infection or allergies. 

 With the importance of auditory learning in the classroom, the use of technology to enhance listening performance ultimately allows children to learn more efficiently.

Soundfield-FrontRow Pro Digital System
SMART audio system