Sonoco - Another Ruckus success story

The brief was to deploy a factory based 802.11b/g wireless network to manage the fork lift truck mounted inventory system at the Brechin Plant. Given the difficult environment, reams of stacked paper, expanses of sheet metal and steel girders, it was imperative that the system was carefully designed at all stages. Digitech settled on a ZoneDirector 1116 rack mounted controller together with 6 x ZoneFlex 7341 b/g 2.4GHz access points carefully located within the Goods In, Goods Out and processing parts of the factory. It was necessary to carry out structured cabling specific to the AP’s with engineers working at great heights within the factory whilst enabling Sonoco to carry out it’s day to day duties without dissruption. Upon completion Sonoco now has a wireless system that enables seamless roaming between Ap’s and with the ability to upload and download crucial information to provide a comprehensive system of inventory control.